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Kayaking, it’s more than a sport to me it’s a lifestyle, a way to explore the world and put my body to the test. It has played a major part of my life from a young age and it continues to now.  From sitting in a double kayak and barely being able to hold the paddle to exploring the worlds most dangerous yet beautiful rivers and racing at an international level.


As a young, ambitious kid I kayaked when I could, usually when my father went away on trips and the family would tag along. When I started to get older, my brother Rob and I adopted a love for kayaking which eventually transpired into racing at a top level. The thing that excites me about Wildwater is the combination of paddling down a river, challenging your skills and learning to keep composure whilst testing yourself both mentally and physically. I have come a long way from my first race which was a NSW schools event, where I was overwhelmed by the feeling that I would never be able to paddle down a river and feel stable, to where I am now, racing on the world stage and achieving top results.


Kayaking has taken me to all corners of the world, in my creek boat and Wildwater racing kayak and like anything, it takes a lot of hard work to achieve your goals.


Whether it’s racing in Europe on the world stage or creeking in the Sumatran jungle, I am always striving to better myself in the kayak and as a person. 


So sit back and follow my brother and I while we explore the world in our kayaks.

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