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From a tender age, I have been exposed to paddling on rivers. For as long as I can remember our family would go away on fun camping trips which exposed me to awesome parts of Australia by which my brothers and I would end up in the front of the ‘Topo Duo’, double Whitewater kayak. At first it was a hobby, something we would do as a family for fun. The racing began some years later, where Alex and I actually started in slalom boats before ever discovering Wildwater. From there it wasn’t long until we found where our passion lies.


To me, Wildwater is the ultimate form of kayaking. You need to be strong, both mentally and physically when you are up against the elements. I learnt quite quickly to respect the rivers I paddle on. The adrenaline that runs through you when you are paddling down a fierce body of water, sprinting against the clock, is like nothing I’ve ever experienced. And the execution must be flawless. It is the constant desire to achieve that ‘perfect run’ that keeps me coming back, and striving for more.


I have toured overseas with the Australian Wildwater team since I was 16 and have experienced a profusion of culture, landscapes, people and rivers.


It has been a crazy roller coaster ride that has had its ups and downs, but ultimately it is pure passion and a life experience like no other. I have had some great results in recent times and I am striving for even greater results in my overseas expedition this coming year in Europe.


I invite you to be a part of the journey that showcases this beautiful sport and the opportunities it creates. Be a part of the hardships, but feel the glory of achieving goals as we endure into this exciting adventure.

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