From the moment we get in the shower and wash our hair, to when we put our clothes on or pack our lunch with the fresh punnet of strawberries we bought from the local supermarket, plastic has infiltrated its way into our everyday lives. Plastic is in just about everyth...


We have been asked about the types of cameras and equipment we use to capture the action or put our videos together, so I have put this list together so you can see a brief overview of the gear we use, and why.  

The Photography Equipment 

As the team photographer I use...


To follow on from my last blog, I had a good friend ask me about the dyes that are used to colour clothes. This is a great question because I feel that the subject of dyes is faintly discussed when considering the sustainability and ecological footprint of a garment. W...


Did you know that the t-shirt you’re wearing can have a huge impact on the quality of our rivers and ocean?

Finally, in the wake of documentaries such as A plastic ocean, Blue the film and the ABC series War on Waste, we are finally seeing a more conscious movement and...

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