To follow on from my last blog, I had a good friend ask me about the dyes that are used to colour clothes. This is a great question because I feel that the subject of dyes is faintly discussed when considering the sustainability and ecological footprint of a garment. W...


Did you know that the t-shirt you’re wearing can have a huge impact on the quality of our rivers and ocean?

Finally, in the wake of documentaries such as A plastic ocean, Blue the film and the ABC series War on Waste, we are finally seeing a more conscious movement and...


Everyone has their own perception or idea of what the name of a discipline is, or how they define what type of craft they paddle. For the sake of our audience and for any confusion, I want to give you my best explanation of what each paddle sport is.

Wildwater – A test...


To Kick start the first blog on our new website I thought I would give you all a little background of what I do and what the season has installed for me so far.

Firstly there is Creek Boating, which is the extreme kayaking, where you are in a small plastic kayak falling...


What’s been happening lately

We are nearing the end of the domestic racing season. It’s been an interesting few months with some good training in the lead up to Christmas followed by our Wildwater National Championships.

It’s always difficult to be at your very best for...

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