The different disciplines...


To Kick start the first blog on our new website I thought I would give you all a little background of what I do and what the season has installed for me so far.


Firstly there is Creek Boating, which is the extreme kayaking, where you are in a small plastic kayak falling off waterfalls and manoeuvring down technical rapids. For me this is where I feel I get to test myself the most. Sometimes walking through thick bush or the jungle to reach the starting point of the river then the fun begins making the decent down. It really does take you to every part of the world and every river is different.


Secondly there is Wildwater Kayaking which is held in a longer kayak, which is normally built out of carbon or carbon Kevlar. This type of kayak is used on white water Rivers that are normally up to grade 3-4. For you all that don’t know about the grading system it is graded from one to six. One being the easiest and six being the hardest, which could result in serious consciences or death. I race at a world level in Europe every year and contest at the worlds cups and world championships.


Thirdly, there is Surf Ski racing. I have been Surf Ski racing for Avoca beach surf life saving club for many years. Normally we are down the beach every second afternoon for training, which is held in the surf. Surf ski racing is super fun when the surf is bigger and teaches you to have good skills.


The last discipline is flatwater kayaking, which for me is something I mainly do as part of my training regime, rather than for the racing.You might have seen this sport at the Olympics. I am down at Avoca Lake normally two times week training with the boys at the Avoca kayak club to keep fit and strong for all my other disciplines.


The year has started out positive, and began in Victoria at the Australian Wildwater Nationals where I placed second in all races and qualified for the Australian team. This will see me flying to compete in Europe in May/June to compete at the World Championships and World Cups in Switzerland, Bosnia and Celje. Until my brother and I jet off to Europe, I will be focusing on surf ski as its peak season and the Aussies surf titles is just after Easter time. This type of racing is really great for building strength and a foundation for the Wildwater racing in Europe, considering we aren't fortunate enough to live close to rivers that run all year round.


For the creeking side of things, at the end of last year I was paddling in Northern Sumatra and later then China. It was such a great experience and I got to paddle on some incredible rivers and experience a new culture. I am hoping to go in the next few weeks to the Gwydir river which is a river that runs in the Australian summer in the North-West of NSW. I'll also be going to have a splash and work on my skills at Penrith White-Water Stadium, where the 2000 Olympics were held. It’s always a good place to go and meet up with friends when there is no water in the rivers.


Thanks for reading, I hope to keep you updated with my training regime and the up and coming races. I will also use this blog to answer any questions people may have,


that could be anything paddle related, and I will happily share some tips and tricks that have helped me on the water over the years. 

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